Jungle Sevens

Jungle Sevens

We're all about supporting people living a more active lifestyles extends far beyond conventional boundaries. That's why we're thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the exhilarating Jungle Sevens festival, where the worlds of rugby and music collide in the vibrant city of Leeds.

Celebrating Health and Wellness

Jungle Sevens isn't just your average festival—it's a celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and wellness. As advocates for smoke-free living, we recognise the importance of fostering environments where individuals can pursue their passions while prioritising their health. By supporting Jungle Sevens, we're aligning ourselves with an event that shares our values and commitment to promoting well-being.

Empowering Athletes and Fans

For athletes, maintaining peak performance is essential, and that includes making healthy lifestyle choices. Our sponsorship of Jungle Sevens reinforces our dedication to supporting athletes in their pursuit of excellence. By providing a platform where athletes can showcase their skills in a smoke-free environment, we're empowering them to perform at their best and inspiring others to follow suit.

Promoting Positive Choices

Jungle Sevens isn't just about rugby—it's also about creating memorable experiences and fostering a sense of community. As part of our sponsorship, we're not only amplifying our message of smoke-free living but also encouraging festival-goers to make positive choices for their health and well-being. Whether they're cheering on their favourite teams or dancing to the beat of live music, attendees can feel confident knowing that they're part of a movement towards healthier lifestyles.

Join Us at Jungle Sevens

We invite you to join us at Jungle Sevens for an unforgettable weekend filled with thrilling rugby matches, live music performances, and a celebration of wellness. Together, we can champion a smoke-free future and inspire others to embrace healthier choices. We'll see you there. 🫡

Get your tickets now: https://www.junglesevens.com/

At TOPIA, we're more than just a nicotine pouch company—we're agents of change, dedicated to transforming lives and communities for the better. Join us on our journey towards a healthier, smoke-free world, one event at a time.

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