Our Story

Our story kicks off in December 2022, in a cosy pub, just like any good tale. It started with a few pints and some typical tipsy "hear me out, this would be a great business idea" talk. You see, we'd all been on quite the journey with nicotine pouches, using them to kick our smoking and vaping habits.

TOPIA Team at PubThe morning after, nursing hangovers and a glimmer of inspiration, we revisited that wild idea. Turns out, it wasn't just the beer talking; it was something we really felt passionately about. We believed we could create a killer product and brand, all while making life better for folks looking to quit or cut down on cigarettes.

That's when the dream took shape, and our team of four - Bhav, Ronnie, Dean, and Jordan - came together. We embarked on this adventure, tackling branding, marketing, product development, website design, and legal.

Months flew by, with every detail carefully crafted to perfection. And as we sit here writing this, we have finally launched TOPIA to the world, October 2023.

Why TOPIA, you ask? Well, we genuinely believe in the power of nicotine pouches. They helped us kick the smoking and vaping habits and lead healthier lives. We hope our products do the same for you, and we're all ears for your feedback. Your experience matters to us.

So, here's to embracing the calm and experiencing the flavour together! 🌴

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