The TOPIA Trials

Here at TOPIA, we are relentlessly testing new pouch flavours and formulas in our dedicated innovation lab to achieve the perfect balance of tantalising taste and smooth nicotine satisfaction. Developing crowd-pleasing flavours is both a science and art.

In October 2023 we launched with our two genesis flavours: Grape and Tropical Fruit. However, we are looking to expand with more flavours and strengths, and that’s where we utilise our TOPIA Trials, which grants our loyal fans exclusive access to trial upcoming flavour innovations before they officially launch. We lean on real TOPIANs to provide unfiltered feedback that guides each product iteration.

By collaborating directly with the niche oral nicotine community that inspires our brand, we let our customers choose which new fruity and minty flavours make the final menu based on real user reactions. The team polls test members and listens to all feedback and constructive criticism to determine which creations receive the final stamp of approval.

This is your community and your brand – so help us shape the future of oral nicotine together.